About us.

My name is Patrick Hamm and I am the FOUNDER OF bulldog agenda.

Patrick Hamm, Founder/Managing Partner

Bulldog Agenda was founded in 2013 by award-winning documentary filmmaker Patrick Hamm.

A 2018 Berlinale Talents alumnus, he is the producer of Freedom For The Wolf (2017), an epic investigation into the global rise of illiberal democracy, which took him to the front-lines of protest movements around the world.

Patrick is a co-producer of This Rain Will Never Stop (2020), a film about a refugee family that experienced war twice, first in Syria and then in Eastern Ukraine. He is  executive producer of Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island: Garenne (2021), which examines the widespread allegations of child sexual abuse at Haut de la Garenne, a state-run children’s home; and executive producer of Copwatch (2017), which tells the true story of WeCopwatch, an organization dedicated to filming police activity as a non-violent deterrent to police brutality.  Patrick has a passion for short films, and recently produced Before I Forget (2018), an exploration of memory and migration. He is also executive producer of the narrative feature The Man Who Was Thursday (2016), an adaptation of G.K. Chesterton’s novel of the same name.

Patrick holds a B.A. in Ethics, Politics & Economics from Yale University, and an A.M. and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University.

Between Two Wars (2020)
Principal photography, Bochum, Germany
Between Two Wars (2020)
Principal photography, Duisburg, Germany
Between Two Wars (2020)
Principal photography, Berlin, Germany
Where There Is Light (2019)
Music video shoot, Berlin, Germany
Freedom For The Wolf (2017)
Principal photography, Hong Kong
Freedom For The Wolf (2017)
U.S. premiere, Slamdance Film Festival
Freedom For The Wolf (2017)
Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

About Bulldog Agenda

We produce and co-produce documentary and narrative films with an emphasis on young directors and underrepresented voices. We have a passion for fresh ideas in film and look forward to hearing yours.